Customer Alert Adjudication

Working with your institution’s best practices, our customer alert adjudication utilizes seamless state-of-the-art linguistic capabilities that work across multiple languages to ensure accurate name identification, regardless of language.

We investigate and solve customer alerts generated during Sanctions, PEPs, Adverse Media and Internal screenings and provide a complete written rationale in your natural language directly into your case management system.

Payment Alert Adjudication

Solve payment alerts that are generated during Level 1 screenings with our payment alert adjudication that behaves just like a compliance analyst.

Using continuous learning – and never rules – our AI presents a decision, including a full writeup with supporting evidence in the same manner as your compliance analyst and in your preferred language. All decisions are transparent, auditable, and always based on your policies.

Transaction Monitoring

ML powered automated transaction monitoring solution, allowing institutions to reduce almost 70% manual investigation efforts for alert resolution, by automatically identifying suspicious parties and transactions; and conducting detailed risk assessment across the transactions, counter-parties, historical cases and detection scenarios to effectively manage and mitigate the risks.

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